An Introduction to LOOΠΔ!

Hello humans! I decided to write this because far too few people know and appreciate Loona, so here is a guide! This will have guides to members, subunits, and the group as a whole, as well as links to every song released by the group as of now (March 2019)



Loona (LOOΠΔ when stylized) is a South Korean girl group under the entertainment company Blockberry Creative. Their Korean name, 이달의 소녀 (pronounced “Idarui Sonyeo”), translates to “Girl of the Month.” Their fans are called Orbits. The Loona pre-debut project introduced each member separately each month (hence the name), with breaks for sub-unit promotions. The pre-debut project started with Heejin’s debut on October 4, 2016, and finally ended on August 20, 2019, with the release of their official debut, Hi High. Loona has an overarching story (known as the Loonaverse) throughout all of their music videos that I will talk about in the last part, but I won’t get very deep into it because there are so many details and theories surrounding this storyline. I will mention their representative colors, animals, and in some cases fruits in the profiles and at the end.

The first part of this guide with cover members (listed below), the second part sub-units, and the third part Loona as a whole.

LOONA Discusses Their Strengths, Role Models, And 1st ...







Kim Lip





Go Won

Olivia Hye


I used information I already know for most of this, but for some of the fun facts and fact checking I used this source as well as the official Loona Instagram and Youtube accounts



Heejin was the first member of Loona to be revealed. Her first teaser image was posted to the official Loona Instagram on August 31, 2016. Her solo song, Vivid, was released on October 4, 2016, making her the first October girl. Her song is very upbeat and happy, matching her personality.

Full Name: Jeon HeejinPhoto )) LOONA's HeeJin Official Photos • Kpopmap

Stage Name: Heejin

Color: Hot Pink

Animal: Rabbit

Solo Song: Vivid

Solo B-side: Vivid (Acoustic Ver.)

Sub-unit: Loona 1/3

Fun Facts:

-She is one of the only three members (along with Hyunjin and Haseul) to have a 100% real live

-She can play guitar

-She is the only Loona member to have appeared in commercials (as of now)

-She speaks fluent Japanese

-She is afraid of Pigeons


Hyunjin was the second member of Loona to be revealed. The first “who’s next girl?” teaser came out on October 23, 2016. Hyunjin’s first teaser image was released on October 27, 2019, and the music video for Around You came out on November 16, 2019. Hyunjin was the first November girl. Her solo song, Around You, is very different from Vivid-instead of having a very bright, upbeat, and colorful concept, her song is slow and calm. Her light, airy voice shows through a lot with the song, as the instrumental is very simple.

Full Name: Kim Hyunjin Photo )) LOONA HyunJin Debut Teaser • Kpopmap - Global Hallyu Online Media

Stage Name: Hyunjin

Color: Yellow

Animal: Cat

Solo Song: Around You

Solo B-side: I’ll Be There (with Heejin)

Sub-unit: Loona 1/3

Fun Facts:

-She can play piano

-She loves bread

-She is well known for looking like other idols (Twice’s Tzuyu, Apink’s Naeun, and AOA’s Seolhyun, for example)

-She is good at sports

-She can imitate animals well (namely dogs and cats)



Haseul was the third member of Loona to be revealed. Her “Who’s Next Girl?” teaser came out on November 30, 2016, and her first teaser image was released on December 7, 2016. The Let Me In video was released on December 14, 2016, meaning she was the first December girl and the last girl to be released in 2016. Her song was, again, a departure from Loona’s previous discography, drawing on her background in opera and classical music.

Full Name: Jo HaseulHaSeul (하슬) | LOOΠΔ |

Stage Name: Haseul

Color: Green

Animal: White Bird

Solo Song: Let Me In

Solo B-side: The Carol (with Heejin and Hyunjin)

Sub-unit: Loona 1/3

Fun Facts:

-She trained in opera before becoming an idol

-She can play both guitar and piano

-She is the leader of the group and her sub-unit

-She is known for being one of the best ballad singers in Loona

-She is scared of pigeons (like Heejin)



Yeojin was the fourth member of Loona to be revealed. Her “Who’s Next Girl?” teaser came out on December 29, 2016. Her first teaser image was revealed on January 3, 2017, and Kiss Later was released on January 15, 2017. She was the first January girl and the first 2017 girl. Her song is very cutesy and the lyrics talk about the important topic of consent-she was only 15 when her song came out, and her song lyrics say “hug now/kiss later.” She is the only member who isn’t in a sub-unit.

Full Name: Im YeojinYeoJin (여진) | LOOΠΔ |

Stage Name: Yeojin

Color: Orange

Animal: Frog

Solo Song: Kiss Later

Solo B-sides: My Melody (with Haseul) and My Sunday (Heejin and Hyunjin)

Sub-unit: N/A

Fun Facts:

-she is the youngest member of Loona

-she couldn’t be in a sub-unit because of school

-she is the only member to have three versions of her physical release or to have three songs on her album

-she is the youngest person to have won an MTV award (Loona’s “best Korean act” at the 2018 MTV Europe Music Awards)

-many people think she and Haseul are siblings because of their looks and interactions



Vivi was Loona’s fifth member. While she is technically the first April girl (“Who’s Next Girl?” teaser on March 31, 2017, first teaser image on April 4, 2017, and Everyday I Love You release on April 16, 2017,) she was revealed first as a member of her sub-unit, Loona 1/3. Her song is, again, a newer style for Loona, this time with a 90s themed music video. Her music is happy but still fairly laid-back.

Birth Name: Wong GaaheiImage - LOONA ViVi debut promo photo.PNG | Kpop Wiki ...

Korean Full Name: Hwang Ara

Stage Name: Vivi

Color: Pastel Rose

Animal: Deer

Solo Song: Everyday I Love You

Solo B-side: Everyday I Need You (ft. Jinsoul)

Sub-unit: Loona 1/3

Fun Facts:

-she is Chinese (making her the only foreign member)

-she is the oldest

-she was a model pre-debut

-of the members, Haseul helped her the most to learn Korean

-she is the only girl to debut in a sub-unit before her solo debut


Kim Lip

Kim Lip was the sixth Loona member to be revealed. Her “Who’s Next Girl?” teaser was released on May 11, 2017, with her first photo teaser coming on May 14. The music video for Eclipse was released May 22, 2017, making Kim Lip the May girl. Eclipse showed a much different style of Loona-as well as covering a new musical style like Loona’s other releases, the song had a much more mature concept.

Korean IconsFull Name: Kim Jungeun

Stage Name: Kim Lip

Color: Red

Animal: Owl

Solo Song: Eclipse

Solo B-side: Twilight

Sub-unit: Odd Eye Circle

Fun Facts:

-Kim Lip is the leader of Odd Eye Circle

-when it came out the music video for Eclipse kind of went viral in the Kpop community, especially among LGBTQ+ fans and international fans

-she went to school and was always friends with Chuu, the tenth girl

-according to Haseul, she is Loona’s girl crush member

-she wore a rainbow shirt that says “Love Will Win” in one of her photoshoots


Jinsoul is Loona’s seventh member. Many fans expected her to be released in place of Kim Lip because she appeared as a rapper in the song and music video for Vivi’s b-side, Everyday I Need You. Her “Who’s Next Girl?” teaser was released on June 7, 2017. Her first teaser image was released on June 12, 2017, and the music video for Singing in the Rain came out on June 25, 2017, making her Loona’s June girl. Her song was, like Kim Lip’s, a much darker concept than Loona 1/3 or their solos.

Full Name: Jung JinsolLOOΠΔ reveal another image teaser of JinSoul the seventh ...

Stage Name: Jinsoul

Colors: Blue and Black

Animal: Blue Betta Fish

Solo Song: Singing in the Rain

Solo B-side: Love Letter (with Kim Lip)

Sub-unit: Odd Eye Circle

Fun Facts:

-she is a Red Velvet fan

-she is the only girl to be represented by two colors (unless you count Olivia Hye, which I don’t for reasons I’ll discuss later)

-she thinks her “charm is [her] dumbass”

-her role model is Krystal from f(x)

-she studied piano for nine years


Choerry was the eighth member of Loona to be revealed. Her “Who’s Next Girl?” teaser came out on July 4, 2017, and her first image teaser came out on July 11, 2017. She is the July girl, as Love Cherry Motion came out on July 27, 2017. While Love Cherry Motion is a much cuter song then those of her Odd Eye Circle counterparts, there is a part that connects it to their more mature concepts (although I won’t spoil that for anyone because Love Cherry Motion shouldn’t be spoiled.)

Full Name: Choi YerimChoerry (최리) | Loona |

Stage Name: Choerry

Color: Purple

Animal: Fruit Bat

Fruit: Cherry

Solo Song: Love Cherry Motion

Solo B-side: Puzzle (with Jinsoul)

Sub-unit: Odd Eye Circle

Fun Facts:

-she goes to school with Olivia Hye

-both of them had to hide their hair at school before the group’s Butterfly comeback as the school doesn’t allow dyed hair

-she has done some choreography for Loona (part of their Butterfly dance and the dance for one Odd Eye Circle song)

-she is the first member to have a representative fruit

-she is the youngest member of Odd Eye Circle


Yves was the ninth member of Loona to be revealed. Her “Who’s Next Girl?” teaser came out on November 6, 2017, followed shortly by her first teaser image on November 13. With the release of New on November 27, 2017, she became the second November girl (after Hyunjin.) Her solo song, New, showed a new side of Loona, like the other solos before her.

Full Name: Ha SooyoungLOOΠΔ reveals a new teaser image of 9th member Yves ...

Stage Name: Yves (pronounced Eve)

Color: Burgundy

Animal: Swan

Fruit: Apple

Solo Song: New

Solo B-Side: D-1

Sub-unit: yyxy

Fun Facts:

-she is the leader of yyxy

-she is a Sunmi fan

-she loves carbonated drinks

-while her stage name is pronounced “Eve,” she still makes a mistake sometimes and refers to herself as “Eves”

-she is generally known as the best dancer in Loona


Chuu was the tenth member of Loona. With her “Who’s Next Girl?” teaser on December 6, 2017 (my birthday!), her first teaser image on December 13, and the release of Heart Attack on December 27, she became the second December girl (after Haseul.) Her song is cutesy but powerful and very difficult vocally. Her music video was also widely recognized for its support of the LGBTQ+ community, stating in the description that Chuu (in the Loonaverse at least) is in love with Yves and portraying her as having a romantic crush on the other girl.

Full Name: Kim Jiwoo

Stage Name: Chuu

Color: Peach

Animal: Penguin

Fruit: Strawberry

Solo Song: Heart Attack

Solo B-side: Girl’s Talk (with Yves)

Sub-unit: yyxy

Fun Facts:

-she went to school with Kim Lip

-her song was played at Pride in South Korea

-she had a large pre-debut following on Instagram, although she deleted her account after she was confirmed to be a Loona member

-she is an extremely powerful vocalist

-she thinks her charming point is her bubbliness

Go Won

Go Won was Loona’s eleventh girl. Her “Who’s Next Girl?” teaser was revealed on January 7, 2018. Her first teaser image on January 14 was followed by the release of One and Only on January 29, 2018. She was the second January girl following Yeojin. One and Only was, of course, a new sound for Loona, showcasing a unique style and a 3d audio effect on the youtube video.

Full Name: Park ChaewonLOONA Shares 2nd Teaser Pic For Go Won – Kpopfans

Stage Name: Go Won

Color: Eden Green

Animal: Butterfly

Fruit: Pineapple

Solo Song: One and Only

Solo B-side: See Saw (with Chuu, ft Kim Lip)

Sub-unit: yyxy

Fun Facts:

-she is an Oh My Girl fan

-she dropped out of school to focus on her career

-she loves the Hunger Games

-her voice was described by Blockberry Creative as being “crunchy”

-she has a dog named Bbomi


Olivia Hye

Olivia Hye is the twelfth and final Loona member. The final “Who’s Next Girl?” teaser was revealed on March 8, 2018. Olivia’s first teaser image was released on March 16, 2019, and the music video for Egoist came out on March 29, 2018. Olivia is the March girl. Egoist presented possibly the darkest image of any Loona member, showcasing Olivia’s deep voice and dance talent.

Full Name: Son HyejooLOONA yyxy Members Profile: The Third Core Unit • Kpopmap

Stage Name: Olivia Hye

Color: Silver

Animal: Wolf

Fruit: Blood Plum

Solo Song: Egoist (ft Jinsoul)

Solo B-side: Rosy (with Go Won, ft Heejin)

Sub-unit: yyxy

Fun Facts:

-she is the youngest member of yyxy and the second youngest member of Loona

-she only trained for one day

-her nickname is Boss Baby

-along with Vivi, she is one of the only members to feature another member in her solo title track

-she had to pretend she didn’t know who Choerry was at school while she went through her debut preparations



That’s it for the members! This is already 2134 words and I’m not going to make it much longer, the sub-units and full group information will be in separate posts later on


Also, tell me if you want more of these profiles! They won’t be as long, because most groups aren’t as big or as complex as Loona, but I’d like to make more!

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  1. Hi, Nora!

    My name is Karen and I’m a guest commenter. I’m a teacher from New Jersey. and I knew NOTHING about Loona until I read your post!! It is so thorough, with wonderful images and embedded videos!!

    How did you come across this band and fall in love with them? You obviously know a lot about them. What made you want to write a post about them?


    1. Hello! Thank you for commenting 🙂

      I came across this band from a random youtube video that was recommended to me, which was a guide to the members. I looked up Vivid and loved it, which got me into the rest of the group. I might do a post on this in the future, but I have a lot more things I want to do and there really isn’t that much to tell about it. I’m definitely going to finish my little guide to Loona series first, I still have to do the last part!

      Nora 🙂

  2. Nora,

    Well I think you have a real talent as a music reviewer! I also looked at your other post about another female band, and I watched the video. It was really good! Keep sharing!


    1. thank you! 🙂

  3. Hi Nora,

    I’m Kim and a guest commenter from Melbourne, Australia.

    You have put a large amount of effort and research you into this blog post! Adding photos and embedding videos gives your readers an added insight into each member of Loona. Do you have a favourite singer in the band? Or perhaps a favourite song?

    I didn’t know anything about Loona until I read your post! I hope you find time to continue with your follow-up posts.

    Keep up your fabulous blogging…

    Kim 🙂

    1. Thank you for commenting! I did spend a lot of time on this post, I’m glad you like it! I actually already finished my follow-up posts, you can find them on my blog if you want to see them 🙂

      My favorite Loona member is Olivia Hye, but I love all of them! My favorite song is really hard to pick because I love all of them, but my favorite solo is Egoist, my favorite sub-unit song (and fav overall) is Rendevous 18.6y, and my favorite full group song is either Where You At or Butterfly, they’re a bit too different for me to chose between.

      Thanks again!


  4. Hi I am Rafael, this is a very nice post. I am interested in this type of music now. Do you listen to other music made by different groups? Here is my blog:

    1. Hi! Thanks for commenting 🙂

      I do listen to a lot of other music! You can find some of the other groups I listen to in my monthly review stuff (February and March) and in my favorite music post (here) although that was an earlier post so it isn’t quite as good or detailed. If you don’t wanna do that, some of the other groups I listen to the most are Dreamcatcher, Oh My Girl, IZ*ONE, and CLC, so if you search any of those with mv behind it in Youtube it should take you to their songs! I’m glad you’re interested in Loona, I love their music and they all work so hard and are really good role models 🙂

      I’ll check out your blog!


      1. authenticlearning says: Reply

        Korean pop groups work very very hard. Their labels schedule them for many TV show appearances, concerts, and so much stuff. In addition, those dances they do take a lot of practice and they have to perform them regularly. It’s one of the criticisms of the K-Pop scene that they have to work too hard when under contract.

  5. authenticlearning says: Reply

    Nice job with the detailed information about this girl group. I lived in South Korea for 2.5 years. Loona was not around back then. Girls Generation was very popular. One thing I never understood was the huge groups. Have you ever felt like the number of members was a distraction for you? If you heard one of them sing, could you tell just by listening, which member it was?

    1. Hello! Thanks for your comment 🙂

      I honestly am not bothered by the number of members, especially in Loona because they’re all able to shine with their solos and sub-units. I can’t pick out all of their voices, but that’s just because I’ve never been very good at telling who is singing in a group just by their voice. I can pick out a lot of them, though, especially the members with voices that stand out more like Go Won and Olivia Hye. The only problem with bigger groups is that some members don’t get to sing very often but with Loona, again, this is pretty much remedied by their solos and sub-units and the fact that different members are pushed in different full group releases depending on the concept. I think there can be problems with big groups (for instance, Nako and Hitomi of Iz*one only got 4.5% each of their latest song, while Yuri got 15.4%, and Iz*one is another 12 member group), but Blockberry Creative (Loona’s Company) has done a very good job letting each girl shine.

      Nora 🙂

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    Wow you are a big fan!!
    The girls are soooo beautiful!

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